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Money is deeply tied into our mental health and, in some cases, must be unpacked to understand what holds us back from our best financial life.

I am an Accredited Financial Counselor and Educator (AFC®) offering Financial Healing from ingrained habits that get you into money trouble – overspending, over-swiping, under-earning, under-investing, under-saving, etc. I provide affordable financial guidance and advice to individuals, couples, and families in all money matters including budgeting, debt management, investing, banking, entrepreneurship, and credit, in order to help you live your best financial life.

Book a no-cost consultation with me to see how we can work together, and let’s move your money situation onward and upward.

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“In just a few sessions with you, I’ve seen a good change in how my partner and I talk about money. We are now open and honest about our spending habits, and I feel that we finally share a common financial goal.

— David, Current Client

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