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Have any questions about Financial Healing? Curious about my financial services in general? Send me your information or feel free to email me at and I'll get back to you within a business day.

Frequently asked questions

What is a financial coach?

Think of a financial coach as a fitness trainer but for your finances. I bring accountability, understanding, and heart to my coaching sessions. I coach individuals, entrepreneurs, couples, and families of color in all aspects of their finances – most commonly, I coach clients through debt repayment, budgeting, preparing for investing, and improving their financial systems for either their personal or business. 

How many sessions do you recommend for each client?

I highly recommend 6 sessions to start because I have found that it takes time to make well informed recommendations. We will spend the first few sessions gathering financial information and the rest of the sessions building and executing your action plan.

What is included in my session package?

Each client will receive a Money Road Map, a document that explicitly outlines your financial goals, action plan, budget, net worth, financial health indicators, spending plan, and debt repayment plan (when applicable). Your Money Road Map is yours to keep as a reference as you turn your goals from ideas to reality.

Do we meet in person for our sessions?

Sessions with me are led virtually over Google Meet. If you live within the Los Angeles area, I am happy to arrange for in-person sessions when scheduling allows.

Do I need to share login information for my financial accounts?

Financial Healing will never ask you for login details for any of your financial accounts unless you share it with explicit and written permission. In this case, Financial Healing will keep the information confidential. Any other information you share is either self-reported or shared through statements.