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I am your Financial Healing Coach, bringing heart and healing to money management.

Dealing with money can be full of emotion, self-doubt, systemic barriers, and baggage, which can all hold us back from reaching our full financial potential. So, let me help you live your best financial life! I provide financial healing coaching to individuals, entrepreneurs, couples, and families in a brave space.

I am also your...

Debt Repayment Nerd

Just the thought of paying down debt may make others uncomfortable, but that's where I come in! I truly enjoy showing clients how their debt is not impossible to manage and that bankruptcy is not the only way out. Together, we will build an easy-to-follow plan where you go from paying off debt to paying yourself instead. 

Budgeting Cheerleader

Budgeting is not the sexiest concept in personal finance, but it makes the sexy concepts possible! Want to start your own business, fund your child's education, get to investing, or [INSERT YOUR DREAM HERE]? Budgeting shows you how it's possible. I center your personality and working style to find the best method that keeps you coming back to your budget. 

Financial Advocate

It can be scary, nerve-racking, or intimidating to call your financial institution to file a fraudulent claim, to settle a debt, to ask for an increase in your credit limit, or to establish a payment plan for your back taxes. I can hop on the phone with you to jumpstart your confidence and articulate to your financial institution what you need.

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“You helped me to get a clear picture of my finances and set up systems to more easily manage them on a regular basis. I have much more clarity and confidence in facing and managing my finances, and the ability to do more future forecasting and planning. It's been a game-changer. Most importantly, you provided a positive grounding energy and cheerleading that really brought up my spirits when I was overwhelmed.”
Miki Poy
Miki Poy, Metta Consulting

Joanne's Financial Healings

Thoughts on how to heal your finances and improve your relationship with money.